Interior view of kitchen and foyer of The Barn at May River

We just completed the final photography of our modern-style Barn build project. This salient marks the completion of a project; the pressure is off and the flywheel of work is slowing. Now is the time for reflection on just what it takes to bring a project such as this to fruition, and a chance for us to share with others the caliber of what our team can achieve.

Exterior View of The Barn at May River

There is a realization some may say, that “hope and reality are not great bedfellows.” Our eyes see the construction completed and the debris removed. Events such as final paint completed, floor polishing executed, and fittings for plumbing finished, all trigger the reactions of completion. But it is not valid and is not the time to relax. Demons however still lurk, to snag the unwary.

How is the garden? The mulch installed a week ago. Did it survive the painters cleaning their equipment or the plumbers laying the irrigation? By the way, where is the irrigation controller, and is it programmed correctly? The last time it rained, did the water pool anywhere? Is the concrete drive draining correctly, and have we completed the tie-in at the road apron? Is the pool operating as promised? What about the autofill? Is the pool company under contract and handling these items? Do the toilets flush, and are all those small leaks tightened? Do all the doors open correctly? Any binding at the jams or hinges. The ice maker, is the drain connected? What about the WIFI, and have Hargrey installed the fiber optic? Do we have window locks installed?

How about the furniture in storage and the items that are earmarked for return? Do the drapes hang correctly, and how do the blinds rollback? Have we installed underlay for rugs so they won’t slide? Who is cleaning all the new glassware? Indeed, was there any spot overlooked by the cleaning crew? An important detail for sure and now we have time to look. Are gas, water, and power all connected and underway? Do the gas lamps blow out in the wind? What about photography? And on and on, it all runs through your head.

The Barn at May River, as it is now called within our rental portfolio, withstood about a month of this back and forth, encapsulated in two extensive punch lists, though, to be fair, the lists did become more trivial at the second reading. A house is a building project; first a dirt site, then framing, then walls, a roof, interiors. A home on the other hand, is a warm, embracing, settled, and functioning machine catering to the lifestyle one defines. It takes time to transition between them.

While the build process at times can feel interminable, take your time with it. Now is the best chance you will have to go that extra mile and complete all those small tasks that make such a long-term difference. Don’t ignore them, as once the opportunity is gone, they will probably become part of the durable fabric of the home.  For a home such as this that will undoubtedly become the most sought after in our rental offering in Palmetto Bluff, the devil is in getting all the details right before bookings begin.

I want to complete this short blog series with a shout-out to the builder and the team at Simplified Construction. Remember, their team has invested a year or more in this project. The punch list may be extensive, but it’s minor compared to their achievements. It is a time for celebration of a job well done.

This project started with my wife and me, from the initial design to about halfway through construction. Then our son, Kris, President of Simplified Construction, took over and completed the building project. He is now the head of our construction team, with multiple projects underway at Palmetto Bluff. If you have questions about this project, or how we can bring our unique vision to your own building project, you can reach out to Kris HERE. I hope you enjoy the photographs; his name and the names of his construction team are stamped all over them.

Chris Leigh-Jones

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