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If you are contemplating remodeling your home then there are some basic concepts worth considering before embarking on such a process. Remember that you can remodel with the expectation of staying in the home for years to come or remodel for the short term in the expectation of a sale.

In the first instance, changes will be directed at your own tastes and needs. In the second, you are aiming at an unknown audience with their own view on what works. Paint, paper, tile and carpets are low cost and easy to implement. Anyone selling a home should contemplate this as a way of achieving a good price quickly. Removing your personal touch allows the buyer to envisage themselves in the home. Fashion is in the eye of the beholder, so go for neutral colours and light that maximize the features of your home and are not too challenging on the eye. Spacious, uncluttered, clean are the messages to get across. Bathrooms and kitchens are more expensive but guess what? The first places people look when viewing a home are just those. A 25 year old avocado green bathroom may have served your family well from the hospital to college doors, but it is only going to devalue the sale. If money is going to be spent anywhere do it here and do it well.

Lastly it’s the floor plan. Buyers today want open plan spaces, those quaint hatches between a kitchen and dining room no longer attract; neither does an individual dining room. Changing a floor plan is the most expensive and intrusive step you can make. It is also one that will actively devalue your home if done incorrectly. So be careful just what you do and why. Keep those bathrooms and bedrooms even if you change the use as they translate to value in the selling process. A final plea is to make sure whatever is done is to a good standard and within code. Very many refurbishment and renovation jobs can be completed by the homeowner or a mixture of you and professionals for the awkward parts like plumbing and wiring. BUT whatever you do, make sure you keep that standard up. Sheet rock and PVC windows have no place in an historic home; cheap faucets and thin particle board cabinets have no place in any home, anywhere.

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