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And So It Begins: Festival Season In Charleston SC

It’s that time of year again in Charleston! This weekend marks the kickoff to the season of festivals around here with the Southeastern Wildlife Exposition (otherwise known as SEWE). The largest event of its kind in the country, SEWE draws in crowds of nature enthusiasts year after year. Whether you prefer oyster roasts, art exhibitions,

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Life Along Side South Carolina’s Wildlife

About 400 years ago the English were having a rye old time making war in Ireland or rather suppressing quite a lot of mainly Catholic subjects who did not like their style one bit. In that war, one unsavory officer when faced with the challenge of distinguishing Catholics from Protestants declared “kill’em all and let

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Real Estate

Charleston SC: Is Buying For Investment Worth It?

As a downtown real estate company we are often asked about downtown Charleston real estate investment properties and rentals. We have a philosophy at Luxury Simplified - if we have not tested the advice we are asked to give, then we won't give it. To back that, we have bought about a dozen properties in the Charleston

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Restoration Of A French Gite To Its Former Glory In Charleston SC

France can be a challenging country. The French themselves are a pretty gregarious bunch, leave the city and they exist pretty close to the countryside that provides their living. The hamlet of Poumeroux in the Charante where we have our Gite is a typical example of France in the middle of nowhere. Parisians refer to

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We set out to be different from other traditional real estate firms in Charleston right from the beginning. We deliver exceptional service for clients at every turn.

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