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Importance Of Viewing A Property In Charleston SC, Come Rain Or Shine

We’re not short on sunshine here in Charleston, with around 200 days of full sunshine in a year the next sunny day is never far away. For the other 165 days it doesn’t rain much either, on average we get around 50 inches of rain per year – but when it does eventually rain, it

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Shrimp And Grits, A Lowcountry Staple

There is no doubt that Charleston, SC is known for its history, its architecture and its beaches. But, over the years, Charleston has also become quite a culinary hotspot. Celebrating Southern appetites and local flavors, chefs fill their menus with dishes that highlight greens, pork belly and seafood. (more…)

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Remodeling Your Charleston SC Home? Do It Wisely

If you are contemplating remodeling your home then there are some basic concepts worth considering before embarking on such a process. Remember that you can remodel with the expectation of staying in the home for years to come or remodel for the short term in the expectation of a sale. (more…)

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Charleston SC: Where The Heart Is

While I called Charleston home for many years, I admit that I took for granted all of the history, the architecture, the incredible food and the southern charm that this city has to offer. But, after living abroad and living in various cities around the country, I moved back to find that there is no

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