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Vacation Home Management in Palmetto Bluff: Freezing Temperatures Head South

It’s not every day in Bluffton, South Carolina that we are plunged into record-setting cold. Winter Storm Elliot showed up uninvited to the 2022 holidays at a time that left many in the lowcountry unprepared. For those of you that were celebrating at home, but away from your 2nd home investment property, or traveling and

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Explorer Yacht: A New Journey Begins from a Love for the Sea

Our existence seems to be a series of silos, each representing a chapter of activities. In our 12 years in Charleston, SC, my silo was property development and construction, with the two going hand in hand. Around 40 historic renovations with a "Whitelaw Award for Preservation" from the Historic Charleston Foundation along the way. Fifteen

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Building in Palmetto Bluff: Revealing the Final Details of a Modern-style Barn

We just completed the final photography of our modern-style Barn build project. This salient marks the completion of a project; the pressure is off and the flywheel of work is slowing. Now is the time for reflection on just what it takes to bring a project such as this to fruition, and a chance for

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Building in Palmetto Bluff: A Modern Barn Project Nears Completion

We started building our Barn project in September of 2021, pouring rain with our Bobcat stuck in the mud more than once. Some say that life flows in circles. We will wind down this construction project in Palmetto Bluff, see it launched into our vacation rental portfolio, and move our teams on to completing the

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