Let us breathe new life into your historic home.

Our reputation in historic restoration is of a standard that honors and restores a home that will be cherished 100 years from now. Keeping a property true to its heritage yet functional to modern standards is always a balancing act and we are forever removing 20-year-old "improvements". A historic home worthy of the meticulous, detailed process of restoration is one that may include:

  • slate or standing seam tin roofs
  • lime plaster walls, medallions and moldings
  • hand-crafted wainscot walls and stairways
  • stone fireplaces, doorways, headers and coins
  • brick and lime mortar facias and features

Our partner, John Paul Huguley founded the American College of the Building Arts also based here in Charleston, which focuses on teaching the art of age-old building techniques. As a result, Charleston is home to a growing, elite pool of artisans and craftsmen able to restore the intricate details of homes and buildings in the time honored practices that they require. Our team includes ACBA graduates that work on projects as far apart as Washington, DC and Eastern Europe, rebuilding and repairing in a exacting detail indistinguishable from the original.

We are experts at preserving the heritage and value of your period home, see the beauty for yourself, at our own historic offices at 95 Broad St or the many other grand properties we have worked on.

Latest Projects

Blind Tiger Pub

Restoration – 329 East Bay Street

Revolutionary war hero and statesman representing the colony in the First Continental Congress. It was given as a wedding gift to his son Philip Gadsden and continued to house members of the Gadsden family until the early 20th Century. The house saw decline in the mid 20th century, as did much of the historic Ansonborough neighborhood it is located within, but was saved from demolition in 1959 by the Historic Charleston Foundation as their first step in revitalizing the area. The final step in fully restoring the historic landmark is currently underway as part of a collaborative effort by Luxury Simplified Construction in partnership with the Historic Charleston Foundation.