Improve your home while preserving its historic character

Charleston is a city packed with buildings of historic significance. From the grand antebellum townhome of a rice planting family to a stately iconic Charleston Single or the modest Freedmans Cottage of the working class, these homes need specialized care and understanding in their preservation. In any other city, these might be considered a "teardown" but we are passionate about them.

These projects warrant more than a weekend trip to the hardware store. Houses are lifted from crumbling foundations and made upright, modern systems installed and years of termite infestation are removed. Old ironwork is repaired, plaster replaced and heart pine floors resurfaced. All mechanical services are renewed and air conditioning subtly installed bringing modern livability to an historic home.

Our teams and skilled craftsmen run complex renovation projects, bringing new life to the most dilapidated and unloved building. Yet in all this, we retain the image, history and relevance that makes Charleston such a unique and historical city.

Latest Projects

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