Sailboat on the Ashley River in Charleston SC

While I called Charleston home for many years, I admit that I took for granted all of the history, the architecture, the incredible food and the southern charm that this city has to offer. But, after living abroad and living in various cities around the country, I moved back to find that there is no place like home.

Now, Charleston has changed quite a bit in the 15 years that I was away. I have come back to a city that is very much in the present and always looking to the future, just as much as it is embraces its past. There is no wonder that time and time again, this city is voted as one of the hottest destinations for both visitors and new residents alike. Whether it be golf that draws you here or all of the festivals throughout the year, opportunities abound and there is never a lack of things to do. And as much as it is a cultural hub, Charleston is also booming economically. New industry has made its way here over the years and Charleston remains one of the largest port cities in this country.

Home is most certainly where the heart is. And as I have gotten older (and more wise), I have come to discover that Charleston will always be that for me. So, y’all come for a visit and stay for a while! See for yourself just what makes this city so wonderful.

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