Couple stretching Wondering if you should retire in Charleston SC? It’s no secret that the Lowcountry is an ideal destination for folks who are thinking about retirement. From endless culinary options to the palpable absence of anything remotely resembling “harsh Northern winters,” Charleston provides a backdrop that lends itself perfectly to anyone who’s looking for a friendlier, more comfortable pace of living.

With 36 million people retiring in the next decade and Charleston consistently listing as a top 25 retirement destination, the Holy City will undoubtedly be on many retirees’ bucket lists. But this beautiful city should be on the top of those lists! Not only is Charleston more than just “smiling faces and beautiful places,” but it’s also the perfect town for retirees to feel like kids again!

Here are the 5 ways that Charleston keeps us young at heart:

1. Water, water everywhere

Living near the ocean promotes a healthy heart and a healthy mind! Studies have shown that living near the sea “significantly improves people’s well-being.” With miles and miles of water frontage, Charleston’s proximity to the Atlantic and miles of inland waterways is a major selling point for retirees!

2. Bringing sexy back

No matter what our age, we all want to feel better (on the inside and out!), and staying physically fit will not only make us look better, but also feel younger! Ranked the 3rd Most Attractive American City in 2014, Charleston is chock-full of people of all ages who value both the aesthetic and functional benefits of staying in shape and looking good.

3. If they could sea me now!

Studies have shown that omega-3 fatty acids in fish combat heart disease, fortify skin cells, and may even prevent some forms of skin cancer. Between the gumbo, she-crab soup, and shrimp & grits served at restaurants like Bowen’s Island and Hank’s, Lowcountry residents live longer, fuller lives when they tap into the bounty of the sea!

4. “Soul shine, it’s better than sunshine”

When Gregg Allman sang these prophetic words in the 90s, he meant that the best sunny days are the ones that enrich the soul and raise the spirits! A temperate climate year-round prevents colds, flu, or more serious health conditions such as strokes, heart attacks, and depression. Plus, here in Charleston, the warm climate encourages outdoor activities like cycling, fishing, and tennis, which are sure to keep you active!

5. Cultivating culture

In Charleston age is just a number, and one look at the demographic makeup of our cultural events spells that out quite clearly! Whether you’re at our national Spoleto arts festival, a Footlight Players production, or our annual fashion week, you’ll find attendees aged 9 to 90, enjoying the sights and sounds of a fun, informative, and distinctly Charlestonian experience.

Note: So, there you have it! If you’re a retiree looking for a happy and healthy home, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better place to settle down in than our beloved Holy City. If we’ve convinced you to come see it for yourself, start searching for your dream retirement home today; our expert team of Realtors will be happy to help show you around Charleston and find your perfect retirement destination!

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