About 400 years ago the English were having a rye old time making war in Ireland or rather suppressing quite a lot of mainly Catholic subjects who did not like their style one bit. In that war, one unsavory officer when faced with the challenge of distinguishing Catholics from Protestants declared “kill’em all and let God decide”. Needless to say he did not get his way to my knowledge.

I have a parallel here with the wildlife in the Carolina’s though of rather lesser proportions. When we first moved here I did my typical British thing of leaving the doors open. It was spring and the weather was perfect. Snakes – I had no experience of snakes and made no allowance for them. Big ones and little ones, South Carolina does snakes. Two 4 foot Cotton Mouths, one King, one Corn and one possible Coral snake later I heed the advice of that unsavory army officer. I’m quite happy to leave them alone as long as they are nowhere near me, my wife, children, friends or dogs. Lord I dislike snakes.

Snakes are not the only critters in the lowcountry. With gators, dear, dolphins, crabs, many species of fish, exotic birds, the usual critter and everything in between Charleston SC is home to a diverse local wildlife population. With so much wildlife right in our back yard it’s all about learning to be a good neighbor. Most of the time, we live in harmony. 

Note: Whether you’re a wildlife lover or an outdoor enthusiast you’re sure to enjoy life in the lowcountry.

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