Since making our way from an island in Europe to our new barrier island home in Charleston five years ago, we’ve been captivated by the fuss made about the Old Village of Mount Pleasant, SC. So, we decided it was time to explore this little coastal community and gain an insider’s perspective from those who live, work, and play in this unique area of Charleston.  This picturesque village is home to some of the hottest real estate for sale in Charleston SC right now, and securing an address in this coveted blocks-long berg has become an elusive goal for many.

In this three part series we set out to discover the ‘much ado’ that draws Charlestonians, and those ‘from off,’ as the locals would say, to this tiny coastal community northeast of the Charleston peninsula.  In this first article, we set out to explore the lifestyle afforded the homeowners, and more specifically just what it is about living here that intrigues so many.  It didn’t take us long to see why.

Here’s what we discovered on Day One …

  • Historic living in the Old Village with a distinctly casual, yet elegant feel.  You sense it just as soon as you cross Shem Creek and exit Coleman Blvd. – that distinct feeling of nostalgia that comes over you when you’ve come home after an extended time away. The tiny burst of sunlight breaking through the oak canopy, neighbors out walking their dogs waving as you drive by, the distinctly salty smell of the ocean – all beckoning you to slow down and take it all in. With beautiful old homes facing the waterways of Shem Creek and the Charleston Harbor, and oak-shaded homes on the other, this incredibly picturesque community might just be one of the most beautiful places to live.
  • You tend to get more physical exercise.  It is said that a thirty minute active walk will tone your system for the next 4 hours. Well, rest assured, living in the the Old Village definitely provides every opportunity to enjoy a brisk walk, jog, or cycle. Whether it is walking along Pitt Street Bridge, or down the oak laden, picket fence lined roads, this is indeed a pedestrian-centric community. Dining & shopping also are just a short walk away. The Old Village offers charming boutiques and various eateries, popular with locals and visitors alike. In the spirit of fully experiencing the Old Village neighborhood lifestyle for this article we decided to stop by the timeless Pitt Street Pharmacy. Here, after sliding onto a well-worn stool at the counter, we enjoyed homemade chicken salad and pimiento cheese sandwiches, and quite possibly the best milk shake I have ever had!
  • You will never feel alone.  What we found during this excursion is that in living here, you will never feel alone. Everyone says, “Hi, How are you?” and shockingly, actually stop to hear your response! The neighborhood feels just like that – neighborly. Where coastal cottages and brick bungalows are tucked alongside stately mansions, the residential mix is just as diverse and welcoming.  And, reflecting the foundation on which Charleston earned its “Holy City ” title, the Old Village, although tiny in size, is home to an array of churches and an elegant centuries-old Cemetery.

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