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Our refurbishment at 20 Percy St is now past the worst, located in the Elliotborough neighborhood. When you have stripped off the exterior, 150 years of neglect is revealed for all to see. This is as we would expect, so no surprises there. Charleston’s houses in this condition are held together by hope more than substance and are not helped at this stage by our craftsmen’s handiwork. Removing termite infested, yet still major, structural timbers is not without some risk. It’s best not undertaken when the wind will blow, as it can in these parts, unless complete demolition is the intent. This job is not for the faint hearted.

The old girl’s underskirts are more revealing than one may imagine. 20 Percy was in part constructed with frames from another building. We have hand sawn 18th century timbers with tenon joints and pegs in places they are not needed or used. We see sloppy building with floor joists too short for their intended purpose and then extended with floor boards and nails; cost and corner cutting on a Victorian scale. We rip, tear and remove, smash, and jack the foundation until it is once again upright and level for the first time in a century.

Then it all starts to go back together, timber by timber as we breath new life into the structure. The old girl is made whole again and some of her once youthful vigor can once more shine in the light of a Charleston spring.

Oh Lord I love this job.

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