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As a downtown real estate company we are often asked about downtown Charleston real estate investment properties and rentals. We have a philosophy at Luxury Simplified – if we have not tested the advice we are asked to give, then we won’t give it. To back that, we have bought about a dozen properties in the Charleston area from small townhouse, to carriage house, to Charleston single and a grand pre-Revolutionary home. Each with their own challenges and in a unique market or location. All are for the rental and investment market so we can speak with confidence and show you real examples. There is definitely money to be made buying rental properties in Charleston SC.

Believing you can make money in the rental market is a far cry from making this happen. However, working with your Realtor you can fast track to an understanding of a good and poor rental purchase. Let me give you just two examples:

  • Foreclosure – Yes, you can buy these cheaply, mostly from a Bank, you may get lucky. You will have to negotiate a contract which can be difficult and the foreclosure work may not be thoroughly done. We have experience of a ratified contract on one house and found 41 unclosed liens!
  • Motivated Sellers – Sellers who need to move for work or changes in life choices. These can be difficult to find but are generally a very good and moreover safe buy. You obtain a rental property with equity value from day one to back your rental returns over the forthcoming years.

Note: So to provide a definitive answer, yes – there is a fair to good return to be made in rental and investment properties in Charleston SC. You have to understand the market and have trusted, expert resources to help you get there safely. Timing and market conditions are often critical. With our expertise, can help you with understanding rental purchase decisions and show you real examples of what we own and how the finances are working. Just ask us … 

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