Historic home in Charleston SC

While working in real estate in the historic district of Charleston SC, I realized there really wasn’t an adequate comparison to the different historic homes I previewed. Yes, there was the typical description of 5 bedrooms, 4500 square feet with a beautiful courtyard … and so forth. But, how about references defining the homes history, craftsmanship and who previously lived in the home? These details convey the true value of a historic structure and in turn, make it desirable to the people living within. Historical buildings also give meaning and value to our culture here in Charleston.

As collaborative partners, Luxury Simplified and Building Art LLC are driven by a desire to educate real-estate professionals, property owners, prospective buyers, historic preservationists, hired contractors, and the general public about the historic significance of structures and dwellings in the area. By understanding the context surrounding a historic home in Charleston, structural make-up, and unique attributes of a historic building, an individual is capable of making decisions that ensure a continued increase in the structure’s value and contribution.

As Realtors we have a tool called the CMA, Comparative Market Analysis, which allows us to compare one property to another. This tool helps Realtors to equate value for clients, comparing one property to another. So I thought, “why not have a similar evaluation for the historical elements of homes?” With that, the idea of the HMA or, Historic Market Assessment was born. With the HMA, we now have a more thorough way of comparing historic properties and all the elements contributing to their value.

The Historic Market Assessment is made possible as a result of exhaustive research of historical resources from institutions such as the Historic Charleston Foundation, National Trust for Historic Preservation, National Park Service, Preservation Society of South Carolina, City of Charleston and several other noted entities. Many talented people have contributed their knowledge and expertise to the development, structure, and content of a thoroughly documented HMA. John Paul Huguley, founder of Building Art LLC, has dedicated himself to advancing the ideals of quality and value in traditional building techniques. His contribution of finding the right person, Zeke Krautwurst – anthropologist, to research and curate the HMA was invaluable and without his contributions the direction and foundation of this important historic work would have never been realized.

Note: The HMA is bound and presented as a beautiful coffee table book for a personalized history of your home’s unique historical footprint. If you’re ready to find the perfect historic home of your own, your search starts here … 


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