Cobble Stone Street in Charleston SC

We’ve got a busy week here in Charleston. Tonight marks the opening of the city’s highly anticipated annual fashion week, a five-day event highlighting up and coming designers and models. And on Thursday, the Historic Charleston Foundation will host the nation’s premier antiques and decorative arts show through the weekend.

Since its founding in 1670, Charleston has been a city of tastemakers. At that time, the city led the way in promoting the latest trends from Europe to Asia to the Americas and it has continued to promote new designs and the latest fashions today.

I love that our own fashion week, started in 2007, choses designers from right here in the lowcountry. This year’s local emerging artists like, Lulu Long and Siobhan Elizabeth Murphy, are on the fast track to NYC, while previous designers like Lindsey Carter of Troubadour and Carol Hannah have established themselves in the fashion scene.

And just as Charleston is on the cutting edge of wearable art, Charleston and the College of Building Arts continues to produce craftsmen and artisans whose decorative arts rival the decorative arts shown at the HCF antiques show. Work from three graduates of the College of Building Arts is now showcased in our 95 Broad Street property. MacKenzie Martin, a blacksmith, has designed and crafted both the Luxury Simplified Group’s street sign and a fire screen that easily converts to function as a coffee table.

Just as impressive is the glass and wood table created by artists, Guyton Ash and Ian Hardy. Built without nails, this piece exemplifies the talent of artists specializing in millwork.

Our partnership with Building Art gives you direct access to these tastemakers. Not only can these artists create customs pieces to match or compliment your own collection, but they can also restore and repair the existing antiques, iron work or stone work in your home. Stop on by our office for a closer look at some of these beautiful examples of modern material culture!

Note: Charleston offers much in the way of fashion, art, performing arts, food, shopping, hisotry, and more. If you’re interested in learning even more about the various lifestyles that the city has to offer or are considering calling Charleston home, we invite you to downloard our FREE Discover Charleton guide below.

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