They call them S.O.B.s. They're the property owners of the richly historic and elegant South of Broad neighborhood. You'll find them and their architecturally diverse homes by heading, you guessed it, south across Broad Street.

Bounded in part by what once were the walls of the old city, South of Broad is the most exclusive region on the peninsula, the cream of the Holy City's architecture, interspersed with sweeping harbor vistas, wide boulevards and charming parks. The luxury real estate in the South of Broad is there for all to see and admire.

Here the spirit of Washington mingles with the ghosts of plantation owners, gamblers, blockade runners and more modern, yet equally famous musicians and authors. On streets like galleries lined with fine examples of Georgian, Federal, and Greek Revival architecture, the highly sought-after addresses are a living museum of American architectural styles. No cars necessary: ride your bicycle or simply walk around and take in our antebellum past both good and, on occasion, dark.

A good home South of Broad is not for those of modest means. It comes with a price tag reflecting a truly grand adventure and social statement.