Welcome to "" Use this interactive map to explore the history under your feet. See how the Charleston peninsula has changed over time. See where those old creek beds and high ground were. Place your home in an historic context and scroll through our history using historic maps reconfigured to match modern geography.

GIS Data – Geographic Information Systems, that’s the same system that powers the GPS in your vehicle or Google Maps on your phone. We have used it to reference houses, streets, parks, city zoning, historic maps, building heights and much, much, more – all in over 500,000 individual data points that describe the map of our city, its age and its changing footprint.

Started as an Intern project it has evolved into the largest unified reference point for the Historic City of Charleston SC. Have a look around, apply the various historic map overlays and see an overview of landmarks and buildings as they have been built over time.

How to use:

The map can be panned and zoomed just like Google Maps. The zoom button is top right. Zoom in – Zoom out – Center map. The map refreshes at each scale. Its not a bitmap but an enormous set of data points so will remain crisp, clear and detailed no matter what scale is selected.

Historic buildings are coded by age. The key is described below. Black buildings are not recorded as historic. Try selecting a building by age and watching how the city developed and grew over time, starting within the original walled city then spilling out to regions beyond.

This graphic indicates the age of the building by color code. Black is not historic.

This graphic works as a "slider" allowing you to select the date range of interest for any group of buildings.

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Click on the "Menu" icon to see a list of options. This is really where the fun starts and where the power of this site really resides. You can select from a variety of map views and overlays etc.

Click "Panorama" to see a panoramic photo view of various areas and landmarks


Many groups offered help along the way to developing this resource. Particular thanks is offered to the following organizations:

Historic Charleston Foundation, Preservation Society of Charleston, Charleston Library Society, Low Country Digital Library, Building Art, The City of Charleston, Johns Island Conservation Trust, Luxury Simplified Group.


All data is provided for illustration only and should not be relied upon for any alternative purpose.