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Palmetto Bluff: Cost Estimations as a New Investment Project Begins

After completing our new home in Palmetto Bluff in April it has now been rented for the summer. Six days on the vacation rental market and our calendar was booked out for 8 weeks solid, ending only to accommodate the (possible) beginning of the school year for our son. If you are considering Palmetto Bluff

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Building in Palmetto Bluff: A Custom Home Completed and a Tally of Costs

Every project has a beginning, a middle, and an end, and our custom build project in Palmetto Bluff, in Bluffton, SC, is no exception. From the trepidation of launching into an unknown start, to the adrenalin of the building going vertical, the long slog of construction, and on through trim and painting to when the interior

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Charleston SC: An Affordable Housing Project Begins in Union Heights

These uncertain times push us all to consider just how we spend our days and to see our neighbors in a kinder light. Times are scary, and this post is the start of our story of how we are trying to help.  I once watched a great TED Talk by Rev. Bill Stanfield of Metanoia.  His premise

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Real Estate

Buying Investment Property in Charleston SC: Could the Right Time be Now?

With the current economic upheaval caused by the coronavirus pandemic, right now may not seem like an ideal time to purchase any type of real estate, much less an investment property or second home. But don't rule out the idea completely.  With historic low rates set by the Federal Reserve, now is a good time

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