Balcony over looking the waterRobin Rogers, Lead Interior Designer, Luxury Simplified

It takes time for a house to evolve into a home. The milestones, the celebrations and the people who live there can make it special. So is true of this home located on the Charleston Harbor in “Old Village,” appropriately named, as it is the oldest neighborhood in Mt. Pleasant. As a designer I have collaborated with the owners to enhance both form and function of the interiors but, over the years, this family has become “my family” so this story is personal. I have loved their pets, watched the children grow, watched family and friends visit often, and experienced how important it is to the couple who live here to share the privilege of living in this wonderful place. They see it as being responsible stewards of living in Old Village … and they never imagined that they would enjoy a view like this every day!

Changes to this cherished home have occurred over many years, but none so important as the adding of deep porches on the Harbor side of the house. Beau Clowney, local Architect, was a master at achieving the relaxed Lowcountry style for the porches, front and back. Once added, the original dining room on the street side of the house is now seemingly seldom used. Evenings are spent on the upper porch, often with friends and family, not watching TV but enjoying the constantly changing views, and gentle harbor breezes.


The couple also requested that they have a long table for dining in a room with a view of the water.  And so we did just that.

Dining room

This house was recently featured on the Red Cross “Old Village Home, Garden and Art Tour,” on May 1, 2016 where thousands of people toured this beautiful home. When asked why she would open her home up to strangers my client simply said that it was her way of “giving back” – to be able to share their home with others was an honor and a privilege. These are very special people that have built a house filled with love.

Mount Pleasant, and the desirable Old Village neighborhood is located just over the Ravenel Bridge and is adjacent to the trendy, up & coming Coleman Boulevard corridor … Isn’t it time you discover Charleston, SC for yourself?

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