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Investing in historic property is an exciting adventure for homeowners, from selecting the perfect location, to decorating the unique features of the home. At Luxury Simplified Group, we specialize in finding and renovating one of a kind properties that our clients are proud to call home. Once the closings are finalized and the renovations are complete, it’s time to start putting a personal touch on your new property. We’re here to help point you in the right direction! We asked our collaborative partner and interior design expert, Moe Draz of Postcard from Paris for a few insights for designing historic homes. Q&A with Interior Designer Moe Draz: What do you like about working with old

homes? The Character, patina and quality of construction. It is almost impossible to replicate hundreds of years of wear and character in new construction. Historic buildings were constructed with incredible materials such as handmade bricks, plaster walls, moldings and old growth timber. It is often nice to uncover some of the structural elements and use them as part of the overall design. Is there a particular style that best suits the architecture of a historic Charleston home? I think most styles can translate well in historic homes. People tend to think traditional interiors are best suited for historic homes, but I love the juxtaposition of new and old, rustic and sleek, ornate and sparse. We can learn a great deal from modern European interiors. I love to walk into a  Parisian space where all the ornate wall paneling has been painted white with exposed weathered French oak floors and the space is furnished with modern elements mixed with 200 year old pieces. What rooms are the most fun for you to work with? I love designing kitchens, they are the center of every home. Designing a kitchen in a historic property can be challenging. Often, kitchens were located in exterior buildings to avoid the risk of fires, therefore they either need to be added on or carved out of interior space. What type of eye or skill-set is needed to make a old home feel updated and comfortable? It takes understanding, respecting and appreciating the characteristics of a historic home. It is also important to allow the character of the house to show through by not cluttering rooms and walls with too many furnishings, pieces of art or heavy window treatments. Get some inspiration for your own home, or have us come out and start the process for you! Luxury Simplified Group is privileged to work with an extensive network of craftsmen, builders, and interior designers.


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