Dinner on a table

Mary Tinkler, Guest Contributor

Last night, I had dinner with my favorite foodie, Polly Dickson, at Two Boroughs Larder. Nearly a quarter of a century ago, it was Polly and her dad, Robert, who introduced me to the world of food. In the evenings before softball practice, I learned to love their grapefruit salad (a delicious combination of grapefruit, onion and green olives) and any other recipe that they were testing for Mr. Dickson’s restaurant, Robert’s of Charleston.

So, when it came time to order last night, I was happy to continue on with the adventurous eating habits I have developed over the years. Dinner started with roasted okra and finished with a Bowl o’ Noodles complete with spicy Kimchi, pickled mushrooms and sesame greens. From the first bite to the last, my palate was pleased. Two Boroughs Larder is certainly deserving of all of the accolades that they have received recently and I’m already looking forward to my next dinner there!

But, to circle back to the Dicksons. Charleston continues to be influenced by the creativity of these culinary experts. One of Mr. Dickson’s daughters, Marielena, followed in her father’s footstep by attending the Culinary Institute of America and then returning to this city to open her own restaurant, The Gin Joint, with her husband, Joe Raya. Named as one of the top 10 places to eat in Charleston by the City Paper and consistently hitting the mark with their cocktails, it’s another one of my favorite local spots. Have plans for Mother’s Day? The Gin Joint serves brunch every Sunday. You can’t beat Marielena’s homemade lemon ricotta and granola.

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