Woman walking through the water at the bridge Ever wondered if the weather has a significant impact on your life – whether it’s hot or cold? Many scientists have completed research on this question, and the results prove to be in favor of Charleston SC. Charleston offers all types of weather, but you can count on it rarely being below 40 degrees. Sure, you’ll see occasional rain and clouds – after all, it is a coastal city – but more often than not you’re treated to blue skies and sunshine. Forget slipping on ice, shoveling your car out, and bundling up. Living in Charleston means you’re going to be comfortable in shorts and a t-shirt most of the time. Research has proven that warm weather can benefit people’s physical well being, their social interactions, and possibly even their longevity.

Your medicine for overall health and well-being isn’t prescribed, but it’s easy to take! It’s Charleston’s warm weather washed down with a cold bottle of water – or a glass of sweet tea.  According to the Huffington Post, Kelly Rohan Ph.D., a professor of psychiatric science at the University of Vermont, concluded that nice weather has a positive psychological impact. This may be why South Carolina is known for “smiling faces and beautiful places. ” With warm weather people naturally travel outside for extended periods of time since there isn’t much preparation needed. 

January is the usually the coldest month in Charleston, reaching an average of 43 degrees, while the our hottest month is July with an average high of 88 degrees. The city occasionally receives rain and may even be steamy and humid afterwards, but that’s alright with the locals. They look at the rain as a chance to cool off the pavement, water the giant oak trees and keep the local landscape lush and green.

Being outdoors, spending time on one of Charleston’s many waterways, or just experiencing downtown’s “walk everywhere ” lifestyle – it’s no wonder why Charleston is considered one of the South’s “Friendliest Cities. ” Walks on the beach, outdoor festivals, sporting events, and many more activities become a way of life and improve people’s health & wellness, their moods, and even their social interactions. Everyone becomes more outgoing because of this and soon you’ll catch yourself hanging outside with new friends and maybe grabbing a drink at sunset atop one of the many downtown rooftop bars.

And if you’re thinking of retiring … well the health benefits of living in a sunny environment can’t be disputed.  The good news is that Charleston’s weather is proven to benefit your life in so many ways and is noted among the “The Top 5 Ways That Retirees in Charleston Stay Young. ”  The warm weather soothes minds, improves opportunities for socializing, and offers a great place to grab your sunscreen, find a comfortable chair and read a book outdoors.

NOTE:  Overall great weather is just one of the reasons that people are moving to Charleston in greater numbers than ever. With the influx of companies bringing manufacturing jobs to the area and the rapid growth of the digital/tech sector, Charleston has become more than just a desirable tourist destination.

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