Updated kitchen and dining space

Anyone who knows me personally, knows I have a “thing” for shoes. I’m attracted to unusual colors, patterns, and I love a high heel. I fell in love with a turquoise, black, salmon and white slingback from Nine West called Confetti and bought 3 pair exactly the same so when one pair wore out I would still have another waiting in the wings. But what does that have to do with buying or selling a house?

First, I had to think creatively about the outfits with which they might work. Like real estate, I found it did not have to be a perfect match. I am pleasantly surprised that they go with some many things. I have an orange outfit that the shoes work well with because they appear more orange than they do when I wear them with rose colored pants. Your perfect house may not be an exact match for your preliminary requirements, but keep an open mind and you might be surprised. One client said she absolutely needed a separate laundry room, but in the end decided having it in a closet on the second floor actually worked out better with her small children’s numerous laundry stacks.

I would rather shop for shoes than anything else because, you get to sit down and you don’t have to take your clothes off. And hey, you have to try them on. Shopping for your next home is like that. You have to try them on. Photos frequently don’t tell the whole story. It’s important to feel how bright and light the kitchen is. I sold a beige/taupe colored house that appeared pinkish in the photos. My clients weren’t sure about the color until they saw it themselves and decided it was fine. They actually liked how it contrasted with the large green trees on the property.

For me, the thing about shoes is, that I want to fall in love with them. A plain black pump will never do when there are cut-outs, trim, fringe and zippers to be had. I want something special. It’s important to me that I hear my clients say they “love” a home before we make an offer. When I hear that magic word, I know I have done my job. It’s a big commitment and with the Charleston real estate market so hot recently, it’s important to make quick decisions when you love something because hot properties get snapped up quickly.  

Finally, how do they make you feel? When I try on shoes I want to feel like dancing or even better, “do they make me feel taller and thinner? ” My rose gold sandals with the laser cut design make me feel like I could show houses all day.  If there is anything I know about the home buying experience is that purchasing real estate is always an emotional decision. Even the most pragmatic clients can find the process emotional because of all the moving parts of a transaction, the ever-present potential for road bumps along the way, and the lack of direct control of certain elements. When these issues inevitably come up, it’s important to be able to de-stress by focusing on how the new home makes you feel. Call me, and I’ll help you navigate the process and help you stay in touch with your emotional connections. If you’re dreaming of living in Charleston South Carolina, we’ve got dream homes! We can’t wait to meet you.

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