Family cheers-ing over a Thanksgiving dinner This time of year is one where we start reflecting on the past year, appreciating our fortunes, and spending time with those we love. Thanksgiving is a unique holiday from the rest celebrated throughout the year. Mostly because there’s no pressure to buy flowers and chocolate, balloons, or material gifts – it’s a time to give thanks. We can truly appreciate those sitting around the table, great conversation, and a full plate. So here’s to health, happiness and graciousness this Thanksgiving. 

Here at Luxury Simplified, we all have much to be thankful for …

I am thankful for family, friends, food and football!

– Luke Fuller

I am thankful that I survived a near death experience, was able to move to Charleston and begin a brand new adventure and career in real estate. I’m also blessed to have so many great new friends!

– Susan Johnson

I give thanks that we live with the rule of law, that we can express our own opinions and do not lead our lives in fear of others.  That our western society is tolerant, persistent and dynamic. I am thankful for progress that I find fascinating and to look forward to a future generally better than our past. For the love of my wife, children and wider family. For being able to stay in bed one extra hour on the weekends, that beer is both tasty and alcoholic, that fish will bite on bait and the fire pit keeps mosquitoes at bay.

– Chris Leigh-Jones

I am thankful for my 3 wonderful children who have been my strength these past couple of years, and also all my family and friends. I am also so grateful to have started working at LS, and being a part of this great company!

– Lisa Burke

I’m thankful for friends, family, and the wine to get me through it all.

– Brittany Walker

Thankful for Health-Love-Family, Friends, associates and my community at large.

– Harold Singletary 

I am thankful for my family their health and their love for each other.

– Michele Moriarty

I am thankful for my close friends, ever-growing family, loving boyfriend (and his welcoming family), having the courage and support to move to Charleston, and finding an incredible job doing what I love with wonderful co-workers.

– Abby Hibbard

I am thankful for happy hour.

– Hogan Willis

Thankful for Mr. Trump not kicking me out in December (well…. we shall see) + for such an amazing Retreats team.

– Sophie Leigh Jones

I’m thankful for my supportive family Elizabeth, Alex, Sam, Lucy and Ginny; and thankful for the opportunities Luxury Simplified has given me and the friendships I have built.

– Michael Friedman 

I have so much to be thankful for  – family, friends, good health, and this wonderful country.  Very thankful that we get to live in this beautiful city as well and that I am no longer experiencing freezing cold winters.  Thank God!

– Jessica Nieper

I am thankful for waking up each morning and doing what I love. To live in gorgeous Charleston; being 10 minutes from the beach and graced everyday with the most stunning sunsets. I’m thankful for the abundance of good food and whiskey in Charleston. For having the most talented and inspirational group of friends and co workers. And most importantly for my generous, loving and amazing mother. 

– Cait Sessoms


Spend this holiday season giving back to the community, being thankful for what you have and those that surround you. From our Luxury Simplified family to yours, Happy Thanksgiving!

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