Table Setting What happens when you bring together a group of the most creative, talented wedding and lifestyle bloggers in Charleston, in an exquisite ballroom at the Gadsden House, on a Thursday evening before Valentine’s Day? You can expect three things:  rich, beautiful photography, a blog feature or two, and loads of engagement and sharing on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest is sure to follow.  And that is exactly what happened on a recent night at the Gadsden House! 

Gillian Ellis, who blogs at the breathtaking wedding site, Coastal Bride, is founder of the Charleston Blog Society, and brings this great group of Charleston-based bloggers together for a once-a-month get together to collaborate with, and encourage these local rising talents.  This (currently!) “all women ” group blogs on everything from weddings, fashion, food and southern lifestyle & culture, each with a strong vision and unique perspective.  

Featured speaker for the evening was renowned yoga instructor Kathryn Budig, who writes on inspiration and empowerment on her own blog Aim True.  She spoke candidly about her passion for living an authentic life and how “aiming true ” became both her mantra and her path to personal fulfillment.  Check out all of the photos from this event on Coastal Bride‘s website and see just how much fun and how beautifully styled this event was!   

For many it was their first visit to the Gadsden House – named among the 2015 best event venues in the world on the list of “The 100 Hottest New Hotel & Venue Openings ” by The Venue Report


Since its opening, Gadsden House has quickly become known as the premier historic wedding & event venue in Charleston.  It is always great to be a part of someone experiencing Gadsden House for the first time, especially if they had followed, via our ongoing blog series, the progress of the massive historic restoration that was undertaken, which was completed in time for its first wedding event in August 2015. 

Note:  The Luxury Simplified Construction team that headed up the Gadsden House restoration project was just awarded the “Robert N.S. and Patti Foos Whitelaw Founders Award, ” by the HIstoric Charleston Foundation,   “in recognition of your work to rehabilitate the historic Gadsden House … the Whitelaw award recognizes individuals, groups, or government entities for the long term protection and preservation of important buildings and places as well as those involved with preservation advocacy. Your efforts and those of your team to sensitively restore and transform this beautiful Federal style home into an event space culminated in a wonderful example of adaptive reuse. “

Congrats … and job well done!

We created a short film to share the restoration journey that this grand old house underwent.  Take a look at our documentary “The Revival of the Gadsden House. “

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